Ex. 1. Put in at, on or in.1. Mozart was born…

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    Ex. 1. Put in at, on or in.1. Mozart was born in Salzburg in

    2. I haven't seen Kate for a few days. I last saw her ________ Tuesday.

    3. The price of elecrriciry is going up ________ October.

    4. ________ weekends, we often go for long walks in the country.

    5. I've been invited to a wedding ________ 14 February.

    6. Jonathan is 63. He'll be retiring from his job ________ two years'

    7. I'm busy just now, but I'll be with you ________ a moment.

    8. Jenny's brother is an engineer, but he doesn't have a job ________
    the moment.

    9. There are usually a lot of parties ________ New Year's Eve.

    10. I don't like driving ________ night.

    11. My car is being repaired at the garage. It will be ready ________ two

    12. The telephone and the doorbell rang ________ he same time.

    13. Mary and David always go out for dinner ________ their wedding

    14. It was a short book and easy to read. I read it ________ a day.

    15. ________ Saturday night I went to bed ________ midnight.

    16. We travelled overnight to Paris and arrived ________ 5 o'clock
    ________ the morning.

    17. The course begins ________ 7 January and ends sometime ________

    18. I might not be at home ________ Tuesday morning, but I'll be there
    ________ the afternoon.

    Ex. 1. Put in by, in or on.

    1. Joanne usually goes to work by

    2. I saw Jane this morning. She was _____ the bus.

    3. How did you get here? Did you come _____ train?

    4. I decided not to go _____ car. I went _____ my bike instead.

    5. I didn't feel like walking home, so I came home _____ a taxi.

    6. Sorry we're late. We missed the bus, so we had to come _____ foot.

    7. How long does it take to cross the Atlantic _____ ship?

    Ex. 2. Put in by, in, on or with.

    1.Have you ever been bitten
    by a dog?

    2.The plane was badly damaged ______ lightning.

    3.We managed to put the fire out ______ a fire extinguisher.

    4.Who is that man standing ______ the window?

    5. These photographs were taken ______ a friend of mine.

    6. I don't mind going ______ car, but I don't want to go ______ your car.

    7. There was a small table ______ the bed ______ a lamp and a clock ______
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    2on 3in 4on 5on 6in 7at 8at 9on 10at 11in 12at 13at 14in 15on,at 16at 17on,in 18on,at

    2on 3by 4by, by 5by 6on 7by

    2by 3with 4at 5by 6by, by 7in, with, on

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